Setup Pod on Mac

Install cocoapods with gem not with Homebrew

but first find stable version of gem and ruby if already installed then update gem

Install Ruby via RVM 1. Install RVM as per instructions or


If the output is: rvm is a function You may need to add “source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm” to your ~/.bash_profile […]

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Swift Date format refrence

Characters Example Description Year y 2008 Year, no padding yy 08 Year, two digits (padding with a zero if necessary) yyyy 2008 Year, minimum of four digits (padding with zeros if necessary) Quarter Q 4 The quarter of the year. Use QQ if you want zero padding. QQQ Q4 Quarter including “Q” QQQQ 4th quarter […]

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MAC Os / iOS check network is connected or not


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Swift on OS X. How to handle global mouse events?

You are correct about using addGlobalMonitorForEventsMatchingMask:handler: A simple example might look something like this: AppDelegate.swift



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Drag and Drop using swift 4 on mac OS


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Track mouse movement Mac

  What going on here is. Simple toggle action to flip between playing/not-playing state and reflect that in the color state. Adds a NSTrackingArea to the view. The owner is this view controller so it will receive the mouseMoved: event. The option .mouseMoved is required to set this up. Removes the tracking area from the view when the slide show […]

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Swift Multi-Threading

1- The Main Queue 2- The Global Queue: 3- Custom Queues:

 highest priority  1- userInteractive : Work is virtually instantaneous. Similar to main thread. 2- userInitiated : Work is nearly instantaneous, such as a few seconds or less. 3- default: don’t use it usually , the type will be inferred by the system 4- utility: Work takes a few seconds to a few […]

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Mac OSx Common Code

get document dir

Browse File Dialog

Read Dir

Add action to a button

Grab Thubnail from video

Get all supported screen resolutions on mac OSX Swift


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