Using Apache mod_expires to control browser caching

Apache’s mod_expires module allows settings by file type to control how long browsers cache files. This is useful for ensuring browsers cache image, Javascript and/or CSS files without making additional unecessary requests when loading pages. Making sure mod_expires is enabled mod_expires may not be enabled by default in your Apache install. On a¬†Debian based system¬†(e.g. […]

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PHP Caching Headers

Make sure a page is never cached with PHP To make sure the page is never cached (or whatever other dynamic content generated from PHP such as images, RSS files etc) add the following to the start of your script:

To set the amount of time to cache If instead you want the output […]

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Clear Cache in Android Application programmatically

If you are looking for delete cache of your own application then simply delete your cache directory and its all done !

  And you may require following permission to add in your manifest file in order to delete cache of other application


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