Swift Date format refrence

Characters Example Description Year y 2008 Year, no padding yy 08 Year, two digits (padding with a zero if necessary) yyyy 2008 Year, minimum of four digits (padding with zeros if necessary) Quarter Q 4 The quarter of the year. Use QQ if you want zero padding. QQQ Q4 Quarter including “Q” QQQQ 4th quarter […]

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PHP date standard format

  The strtotime() function parses an English textual datetime into a Unix timestamp (the number of seconds since January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT). Note: If the year is specified in a two-digit format, values between 0-69 are mapped to 2000-2069 and values between 70-100 are mapped to 1970-2000. Note: Be aware of dates in […]

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