Mobile Architecture

What is NKD? The NDK, or Native Development Kit, is a set of tools provided by Android for developers to write and implement performance-critical parts of their applications using native code languages like C and C++. This is particularly useful for tasks that require high performance, such as graphics-intensive applications, games, or algorithms that benefit […]

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Explain the concept of futures and streams in Dart.

In Dart, futures and streams are fundamental concepts used for asynchronous programming. They provide a way to handle operations that may not immediately return a result, such as network requests, file I/O, or computations that take time to complete. Futures: Definition: A future represents a potential value or error that will be available at some […]

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Isolates and Event Loops – Flutter

Isolates in Flutter In Flutter, isolates are a feature of the Dart language, which Flutter is built on. Isolates allow for concurrent execution of Dart code, enabling tasks to run in parallel without blocking the main UI thread. How many Isolates Flutter have in default In Flutter, by default, there is a single UI isolate […]

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Roadmap to Learning AI

Learning artificial intelligence (AI) involves understanding various concepts, algorithms, and tools that enable machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. Here’s a roadmap to help you get started and progress in your AI learning journey: Roadmap to Learning AI: 1. Prerequisites: Basic Programming Skills: Start with a programming language like Python, which is […]

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What is lifecycle of widget?

In Flutter, the “lifecycle of a widget” refers to the various stages a widget goes through from its creation to its disposal. Understanding these stages is crucial for managing the state and behavior of widgets in a Flutter application. Here are the key stages in the lifecycle of a widget: Creation (create): This is the […]

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What is GlobalKey and how it works?

GlobalKey is a special key in Flutter that provides a way to uniquely identify a widget across the entire application. It allows you to reference and interact with a specific widget from anywhere in your code. Here’s how GlobalKey works: In summary, GlobalKey is a powerful tool in Flutter that allows you to uniquely identify and interact with widgets across […]

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What are Flutter channels and why are they used?

Flutter channels, often referred to as platform channels, are a crucial mechanism for enabling communication between Dart code (used in Flutter) and native code (used in Android and iOS). They allow Flutter apps to access platform-specific APIs and perform tasks that are not directly supported by Flutter itself. Here’s a detailed explanation: Purpose of Flutter […]

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How does Flutter handle platform-specific code (Android and iOS)?

Flutter uses a combination of platform channels and plugins to handle platform-specific code for Android and iOS. Here’s how it works: In summary, Flutter handles platform-specific code by providing a flexible and robust mechanism for communication between Dart code and native code using platform channels. This allows developers to access platform-specific APIs and perform tasks […]

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What is (AOT) and just-in-time (JIT)

In Flutter, “AOT” and “JIT” are two different compilation modes that the Flutter framework uses to execute Dart code on different platforms. These modes have distinct characteristics and purposes: In summary, AOT (Ahead-of-Time) compilation is used for producing optimized, platform-specific release builds with better performance and faster start-up times. JIT (Just-in-Time) compilation is used during […]

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